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Past Climatological Periods
At Sioux Falls Area in Sioux Falls, SD (FSDthr)
Period of record: 1893-01-01 to 2024-02-20 (current) - 132 Year(s)
Normals values based on 2020 normals data from Sioux Falls Ap in Sioux Falls, SD (397667, 0.0 mi )
This data was generated dynamically on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 at 9:59 AM EST
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Date(s)Data (%)
# of Obs Used
Avg High Temp (°F)Avg Low Temp (°F)Avg Mean Temp (°F)Total Precip (in)Most similar city
Feb. 19th, 2024
1 Daily
Value47 °F26 °F36.5 °F0 inWashington (Dulles), DC
Max: 47 °F
Min: 27.3 °F
DFN+13.9 °F+12.2 °F+13.0 °F-0.0 in
Ranking14th warmestT-21st warmestT-12th warmestT-1st driest
Similar DOY
Mar 20Mar 19Mar 20-
Past 2 Days
02/18/24 - 02/19/24
2 Daily
Value44.5 °F23.5 °F34 °F0 inKansas City, MO
Max: 44.7 °F
Min: 24.6 °F
DFN+11.6 °F+9.9 °F+10.7 °F-0.1 in
Ranking18th warmestT-25th warmest22nd warmestT-1st driest
Similar DOY
Mar 14-Mar 15Mar 13-Mar 14Mar 14-Mar 15-
Past Week
02/13/24 - 02/19/24
7 Daily
Value36.6 °F16.9 °F26.7 °F0.14 inHelena, MT
Max: 37.3 °F
Min: 17.3 °F
DFN+4.4 °F+4.1 °F+4.3 °F-0.1 in
RankingT-31st warmestT-35th warmestT-36th warmestT-47th wettest
Similar DOY
Feb 24-Mar 1Feb 23-Feb 29Feb 24-Mar 1-
Past 2 Weeks
02/06/24 - 02/19/24
14 Daily
Value41.5 °F24.4 °F33 °F0.17 inCincinnati, OH
Max: 43 °F
Min: 25.2 °F
DFN+10.4 °F+12.7 °F+11.5 °F-0.2 in
RankingT-7th warmest3rd warmest4th warmestT-64th driest
Similar DOY
Mar 2-Mar 15Mar 9-Mar 22Mar 6-Mar 19-
Month to Date
02/01/24 - 02/19/24
19 Daily
Value42.3 °F26.2 °F34.3 °F0.17 inPhiladelphia, PA
Max: 43.3 °F
Min: 26.7 °F
DFN+11.8 °F+15.1 °F+13.5 °F-0.3 in
Ranking5th warmest2nd warmest1st warmestT-43rd driest
Similar DOY
Mar 2-Mar 20Mar 11-Mar 29Mar 6-Mar 24-
Past 3 Weeks
01/30/24 - 02/19/24
21 Daily
Value42.9 °F26.5 °F34.7 °F0.17 inPhiladelphia, PA
Max: 43.1 °F
Min: 26.6 °F
DFN+12.6 °F+15.6 °F+14.1 °F-0.4 in
Ranking4th warmest1st warmest1st warmestT-37th driest
Similar DOY
Mar 2-Mar 22Mar 11-Mar 31Mar 6-Mar 26-
Past Month
01/20/24 - 02/19/24
31 Daily
Value39.6 °F23.5 °F31.5 °F0.17 inProvidence, RI
Max: 39 °F
Min: 22.2 °F
DFN+10.2 °F+13.5 °F+11.8 °F-0.6 in
Ranking4th warmest1st warmest2nd warmestT-18th driest
Similar DOY
Feb 19-Mar 18Feb 29-Mar 28Feb 24-Mar 23-
Year to Date
01/01/24 - 02/19/24
50 Daily
Value31.7 °F16.9 °F24.3 °F1.33 inMilwaukee, WI
Max: 31.6 °F
Min: 17.8 °F
DFN+3.2 °F+7.4 °F+5.3 °F+0.2 in
Ranking19th warmest5th warmestT-13th warmest39th wettest
Past Two Months
12/20/23 - 02/19/24
62 Daily
Value33.7 °F18.8 °F26.2 °F3.14 inBuffalo, NY
Max: 32.7 °F
Min: 19.7 °F
DFN+5.2 °F+9.0 °F+7.1 °F+1.7 in
RankingT-11th warmest3rd warmest5th warmest7th wettest
Season to Date
12/01/23 - 02/19/24
81 Daily
Value36.1 °F19.9 °F28 °F3.18 inBillings, MT
Max: 36.5 °F
Min: 18.7 °F
DFN+6.5 °F+8.9 °F+7.7 °F+1.2 in
Ranking5th warmest2nd warmest1st warmest12th wettest
Past Three Months
11/20/23 - 02/19/24
92 Daily
Value36.7 °F19.9 °F28.3 °F3.19 inPortland, ME
Max: 36.2 °F
Min: 19.6 °F
DFN+5.8 °F+7.8 °F+6.8 °F+0.8 in
Ranking6th warmest2nd warmest1st warmestT-24th wettest
Water Year to Date
10/01/23 - 02/19/24
142 Daily
Value45.4 °F26 °F35.7 °F5.73 inPortland, ME
Max: 43.2 °F
Min: 26.1 °F
DFN+5.6 °F+6.2 °F+5.9 °F+0.2 in
RankingT-3rd warmest2nd warmest1st warmestT-40th wettest
Past Six Months
08/20/23 - 02/19/24
184 Daily
Value54.3 °F33.5 °F43.9 °F7.04 inPittsburgh, PA
Max: 53.4 °F
Min: 36.3 °F
DFN+6.0 °F+6.0 °F+6.0 °F-2.4 in
Ranking1st warmest1st warmest1st warmest43rd driest
Past Year
02/20/23 - 02/19/24
365 Daily
Value61.6 °F39.7 °F50.6 °F17.61 inPittsburgh, PA
Max: 61.2 °F
Min: 42.6 °F
DFN+3.4 °F+2.9 °F+3.2 °F-10.2 in
Ranking4th warmest2nd warmest2nd warmest12th driest
Past 2 Years
02/20/22 - 02/19/24
730 Daily
Value60.2 °F38.1 °F49.1 °F44.59 inBillings, MT
Max: 59.5 °F
Min: 37.1 °F
DFN+2.0 °F+1.3 °F+1.7 °F-11.1 in
Ranking4th warmest6th warmestT-5th warmest24th driest
Data from midnight (00:00:00) of the start date until 11:59:59 PM (23:59:59) of the end date
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